Champlain Valley Right to Life Mission

 " Pro- Life without exception, without compromise"


      Our Mission statement

1. To promote, encourage, and foster public sentiment and respect for the dignity of human life from conception to natural death.  

2. To support public and private institutions whose objectives are to define, protect, safeguard and prolong human life.  

3. To promote and foster public awareness and perception of the moral and spiritual evils attendant to abortion and to assist persons seeking alternatives to abortion to obtain alternative services from persons and entities, both public and private, who are duly licensed and or authorized by the state of New York to provide such services. 

      A Brief History

Champlain Valley Right to Life was organized in 1971, shortly after N.Y. state legalized abortions in 1970.  Champlain Valley Right to Life becomes 46 years old this year.  We are dedicated to opposing abortion and euthanasia at all levels and whenever possible.  We do this through education, public rallies, writings, and word of mouth as well as the distribution of Pro-Life materials and referrals to Pro-Life organizations..